5 Tips for Writing a Sweet Birthday Message

What to write in your loved one’s birthday card can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know them well, but luckily there are plenty of ways to come up with something memorable and heartfelt that doesn’t leave them with any doubts about how much you care about them. Here are five tips that will help you write the sweetest birthday message possible so they know just how much they mean to you.

Just write

If you want to send a sweet birthday message, but don’t know what to say, just write. Don’t overthink it; just put something down. It doesn’t need to be fancy or eloquent; sometimes simple is best. No matter how it reads, as long as you mean it and your heart is in it, that’s all that matters! Just as long as you express how much you care about them and let them know they are special and important to you.

Focus on what’s important

What’s most important when it comes to writing a birthday message? The best advice is to keep things sweet and simple. Focus on what you love about your friend or family member, and how happy they make you. It’s okay to talk about yourself, too—try talking about what they mean to you, and why you think they are one of a kind. There’s no need to get cheesy—when it comes to sweet birthday messages, less is more!

Use other people’s messages as inspiration

If you’re not quite sure how to express your feelings in words, or if you simply want some inspiration, use other people’s birthday messages as models. It might sound cheesy, but reading through these types of cards is an excellent way to practice writing your own sweet notes.

Use irresistible words

It’s easy to fall into lazy, sentimental words when writing birthday cards. Instead of using cliches that sound like they came straight from Hallmark, really think about what your recipient would appreciate hearing. It’s their birthday, after all—and there are no rules against being honest! Instead of saying you are so special or I hope you have an awesome day, tell them something specific they do or say that makes them worth celebrating. How sweet is that?

Get personal

A birthday card isn’t just a card, it’s an opportunity to connect with someone. If you’re writing your own birthday message, consider adding some personal details about yourself or how you know your friend or family member—people love personal details! And if you want to really get them smiling, try picking out a few things from their past and reminiscing about them. It will make anyone feel good to remember something that made them happy from long ago.

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