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    8 products

    Cheers to Friendship: Vibrant Birthday Cards for Friends from Karto

    From belly laughs to shoulders to cry on, celebrate your friend's birthday with a Karto card that echoes the spirit of your friendship. Our cards for friends are as diverse as friendships themselves, designed to honor those people who make life brighter.

    On the Hunt for a Birthday Card that Matches Your Friend's Spark?

    Jump into our assortment at, where we celebrate every flavor of friendship with cards that hit the right note of fun, affection, and shared memories.

    Karto: Where Friendship and Birthday Cards Collide

    Whether your friend is a jokester, a dreamer, or the rock you always count on, we have the card that encapsulates your bond. Pick a Karto card that doesn't just say "Happy Birthday" — it's a high-five, a hug, and a shared secret, all wrapped in an envelope.